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The Arch At Columbia | Friendsgiving Festivities

Spending Thanksgiving with your family is an amazing day full of love, laughs and food comas. Wash, rinse, repeat. However, the celebration of thanksgiving with all of your closest friends all in the same room surrounded by mounds food, drinks, music, games and FUN! Now that’s something magical! Imagine all the laughs, cheers, and memories you are only a few days from experiencing. Gear up because Friendsgiving is coming to town and all of Mizzou is getting excited!

Whether you can’t make it home and you’re here in Columbia for the holiday or you just want to host a Thanksgiving dinner with your favorite Tigers, Friendsgivings can be a blast!

Tips for Hosting a Stellar Friendsgiving:

  1. Host makes the Turkey
  2. Every kind of potato you can think of…
  3. Dress up like pilgrims (but really it would be hilarious!)
  4. Designate a table to desserts… they are their own food group afterall
  5. Create your own hashtag
  6. Add a personalized snapchat filter
  7. Photo booth anyone?!

For more Friendsgiving advice check out the article below!